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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fake old people.

Hey old pals,

I just saw an ad on the television for something by a company called "Genworth Financial". I have absolutely no idea what they are selling, but the main theme of the commercial was alot of old people saying how they are 100 years old and very lucky. I have very many problems with this premise.

1) You should have seen what these people looked like, they don't look even close to 100. I think a few of them might be 90 or 85, but definetly not the big century mark. I guess this makes sense b/c there is no way to find a bunch of 100 year old actors and actresses. So they probably hired a bunch of 85 year olds instead, which are much easier to find. But they could have at least done a more convincing job with the makeup. Let me see some weird growths on the faces, or more wrinkles. COME ON Genworth!
2) The activities they showed these so-called "100 year olds" doing. One old maid was swinging on a swing. I kid you not. WEEEEEE! I'm 100!!!! I can swing all day with perfect balance and agility...I (The Fades) recently found myself on a swing and it made me nausous. I'm supposed to believe that a 100 year old hag can swing back and forth in the breeze all day without keeling over and dying. Sorry.
3) Overall unrealistic things these actors are saying. One dude says "I'm one of the lucky ones!" You are? Really? Not in the world i live in. I don't know any 100 year olds perfectly, which is good b/c they probably have a very strong old person smell. But if i did, i betcha they don't feel lucky. They probably don't remember who they are and are too doped up on all kinds of things to know how they feel.
4) Suggestion for Genworth: show me some sick old smelly people wetting themselves and I will buy your soon as i figure out what it is.


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